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Welcome to Toboh Village ....

Such as you have been known that Cirebon city is recognized as central of rattan industries in Indonesia, this is because almost its entire of residents are craftsman who has a long tradition in rattan furniture manufacture.

Toboh Village., is a manufacturer and exporter of handcraft and rattan furniture, founded by solid team which consist by experience and progressive young entrepreneur in rattan industrial manufacturer field and represent third generation from long tradition of rattan manufacturer industries family.

Toboh Village, supported by a solid team with more than 100 skillful handicrafts or furniture craftsman and covered by integrated production management system to get all production aspect are controlled, effectively and efficient in production cost, so that we can get product at the reasonable and competitive price but with the high quality.

Our range product are Chairs (dining, living, terrace, gardens and matching table), Stools, Bed Sets, Racks, Basketwares and Gifts with natural material stylish from mahogany, pine, teak, rattan, wicker, cane, sea grass, water hyacinth, abaca, also with synthetic material such as plastic etc, are manufactured to the highest construction standard, ensuring comfort and durability.

We look forward to the future with great confidence as we continue to stive even greater success and increased customer satisfaction.
Finally its our pleasure doing business with you and always try to keep a mutually beneficial long term relationship


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